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The Truth Behind Your Pills: Made in China

January 02, 2022 Ahbonbon LLC Episode 6
Health Facts Diva
The Truth Behind Your Pills: Made in China
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Matthew and Joanna are the hosts of a podcast that talks about the hidden risks of Chinese medications. In their podcast, they cover topics such as tainted drugs, counterfeits, and the US's dependency on China. They explore the recalls, proposed legislation, and challenges in China's regulations while emphasizing the impact on consumer safety. The podcast warns about the rise of counterfeit drugs, industry vulnerabilities, and the need for vigilant consumption. The hosts also give insights on vitamins and supplements and advocate for informed choices amid a complex pharmaceutical landscape. Please visit for resources.

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Topics and Overview
Protecting Our Pharmaceutical Supply Chain from China Act
Series of Drug Recalls
Drug Regulations in China
The FDA Regulations
China is the World's Pharmacy
Good News
Counterfeit Drugs
Supplements from China